The Island Alien

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descendants of immigrant workers who sought New Life

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I stand at the shores where our ancestors once arrived.

On boats filled to the brim with souls seeking

New Life, and instead, finding loneliness and pain.

Yet still, toiled in the soil of this land

Making the mark of a new home.


I stand at the shores where our ancestors once arrived.

Their footprints still deeply imprinted

In the hearts of their families both here and left behind.

Who influenced and cultivated a culture

Making the mark of a new home.


I stand at the shores where our ancestors once arrived.

I, a descendant of immigrant workers who sought

New Life. Who crossed oceans, braved storms,

To these islands built on blood and bone.

Trinidad and Tobago, a new home.


I stand at the shores where our ancestors once arrived.

Watching refugees of another land seek

New Life, only to be met with loneliness and pain.

Who only wish to toil in this soil and

Make the mark of a new home.



As we celebrate Indian Arrival Day this year, let us take a moment to consider the current Venezuelan refugee crisis.

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Why Don’t We Talk About Apology Languages?

I’m sure by now you’ve all heard of Love Languages. There are 5 of them (Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, and Receiving Gifts) and most people will score highest for just one (sometimes people may tie for two). You can take the quiz here: to find out your particular love language. They really help you better understand yourself, and when you and your partner both do the quiz, you can better understand exactly how to love each other.

But today, I learned something new to me. Have you ever heard of Apology Languages? Well, colour me shocked when I scrolled past a short comment containing the phrase “apology language”. I immediately thought, “Wait…. that makes sense….. different apology languages……” and I rushed off to do some Internet researching.

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Life Update

Okay, so I fell off the wagon with NaPoWriMo, but I’m not mad. I’m actually proud of myself for attempting it and getting as far as I got. As it happens, life got in the way.

This is just a quick update for you all in case you’re wondering whether I got abducted by aliens or something. I am still on Earth. I’m here, guys. But I’m moving. No, not to another planet, (although that would be totally awesome!), but just to another city.

City? That sounds so much more dramatic than it actually is. I could move to the other end of the country and it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I live on such a tiny island, so moving to a whole other city isn’t as huge as it sounds. The move is gonna be so much better for work and transport issues, as well as getting out of this loud area I’m currently in. So it’s a welcomed break.

I’m gonna be doing a whole bunch of videos about my new space, include decor things, DIYs, and before and after tours, so check out my YouTube channel to stay tuned for those!

Anyways, I will be updating you all soon, thanks for reading!

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NaPoWriMo: Day 13

NaPoWriMo Day 13.jpg

you say witch like it’s a bad thing

do not presume to know me
based on remnants of
the spells littering my altar
the broken jars, melted candles
and burnt wood circles
give you no knowledge
of who i am so
do not assume you know me
because of the smoke
rising from my fingertips
my ripped robes, covered in ash
and blood on my tongue
give you no reason to think
i would harm you
you say witch like it’s a bad thing
but the only curses i weave,
banish doubt from my mind
the only hexes i craft,
stunt my insecurities
the only jinxes i work,
stop my peace from retreating
and the only spells i cast,
keep my sanity intact.
you say witch like it’s a bad thing
but all i am is a woman
in control of herself.

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NaPoWriMo: Day 12

why you must love a dull thing

this glue that holds the universe together

that binds me to the land i was born

that sticks the strands of hair to my head

that fastens love to my skin and bones

that binds the spine of my favourite book

that holds the photographs to the wall

this glue on the backs of my post-it notes

sticky, insignificant, yet holds everything in place.

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NaPoWriMo: Day 11


My Mothers

The moon is my mother
Raised me up from the ground
Caressed me in her glow
Fed me with her energy
Taught me in her ways:
Humility, reverence, growth, beauty

The sea is my mother
Filled me up with her salt
Secured me in her depth
Nourished me with her tide
Taught me in her ways:
Freedom, peace, fearlessness, beauty

Dated: 28/06/2017

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NaPoWriMo: Day 10


should you awake in the midst

of petit carême, to a sky

void of pregnant clouds, and

the sunlight seeping through

the cracks of your curtain,

do not forget that after nature

gives you a moment to

breathe, the storms will always

return with force.

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