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Why I’m a feminist

What feminism is:

What feminism isn’t:

  • Hating men.
    That’s called misandry, and that’s definitely NOT what we’re about.
  • Hating women who want to stick to traditional feminine roles.
    Essentially, what we want is for women to be free to do what they like. If they want to be feminine, no problem. If they want to be involved in activities that are not usually considered feminine, no problem. This is about giving women the choice to be their true selves and not be deemed inferior to anyone else.
  • Ignoring the struggles faced by men.
    Hey guys, the patriarchy and toxic masculinity hurts you too.

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Trigger Warning: This post discusses abuse and mental illness, and self-harm.

Today I am celebrating my 4 year anniversary of being kicked out of my parents’ house. I usually don’t say that to people, though. I usually say, “Today is the anniversary of me leaving home and living on my own!” and that’s met with many light-hearted congratulations. But it really doesn’t reflect on what I feel about the day. What I wish I could say is, “Today is the anniversary of me getting out of a very prolonged, violently abusive relationship with my father, and an equally long mentally and emotionally abusive relationship with my mother. It’s the day I legitimately almost died, and proceeded to spend a lot of time in and out of police stations, hospitals and was the beginning of many therapy meetings.” And what I wish people would say to me is, “I’m proud of you. I’m glad you’re still here.”
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