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Why I’m a feminist

What feminism is:

What feminism isn’t:

  • Hating men.
    That’s called misandry, and that’s definitely NOT what we’re about.
  • Hating women who want to stick to traditional feminine roles.
    Essentially, what we want is for women to be free to do what they like. If they want to be feminine, no problem. If they want to be involved in activities that are not usually considered feminine, no problem. This is about giving women the choice to be their true selves and not be deemed inferior to anyone else.
  • Ignoring the struggles faced by men.
    Hey guys, the patriarchy and toxic masculinity hurts you too.

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You’re a witch, Julie.

Hey guys! So if you’re wondering where I’ve been this past week, and why I haven’t been posting, here’s the answer.

I’ve been working on something. Something big. Something that isn’t really that important. Something huge. Something….magical.

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On weddings and tradition

“You can’t date till you’re an adult! No boyfriends allowed!”

*sneaks around*

“You can’t do that in my house! Not under my roof!”

*“Okay, well I’m 21 now, I wanna get my own place!”*

“Move out?? Why do you want to leave??? Do you hate me????”

*finally leaves home at 24 after finishing school, etc*

“You’re 25. Why aren’t you married yet??? When will I get grandkids?”

Do these scenarios sound familiar? If it’s something you’ve experienced, I empathize. I am Indian. From the Caribbean. Specifically, I’m West Indian with East Indian roots. These are my parents. Overprotective, overbearing, strict, traditional, conservative. I have a question for them that I could never ask them. “If I literally just started dating because I was raised so strict, how am I supposed to get married now and have kids?” Now that’s considered being rude. But honestly, what do you expect from me?
Now, this isn’t exactly my situation, and it might only be an exaggerated version of most Caribbean young adults’ actual life and relationship with parents. But why is it someone can look at this and laugh along? What is with parent’s strictness, then overbearing expectations on their children, especially their daughters?

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On Pride and Bisexual Erasure

It is June and that means… PRIDE MONTH! Happy Pride everyone! I Am ONE TnT is hosting its second annual Pride Arts Festival this month, and let me tell you, boy, am I excited. These events so far, are the only LGBTQ+ Pride Month festivities we have in this country. I am very proud and pleased to see the turn outs we’ve been having. So far, I’ve been to 4 of the events, and they have been amazing and inclusive. It’s great to see all this attention and support! Continue reading



You know, I truly believe this is a beautiful country I live in. I really do appreciate how lovely our flora and fauna is. We have beautiful beaches, forests, waterfalls, rivers, and other wonderful natural sights. I wish I could say that that’s enough to make me love this place. What ruins it for me, is the people. The government, the entire society, and what has become the modern culture.  Rampant murder, corruption, sexism, racism, homophobia, stigma and discrimination of mental health and its related issues, (to name a few things). I’m not saying that every other country is perfect. I’m just saying there’s nothing to be patriotic about. I wish I could enjoy our beaches and waterfalls, but everything is always covered in disgusting litter. I wish the citizens would help each other, but the segregation is ridiculous. Continue reading