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Unhelpful Thinking Styles


I have this worksheet stuck up on my fridge and I thought I’d share this with you all, since it helps me to check myself throughout the day.

It’s called the “Unhelpful Thinking Styles / Cognitive Distortions” worksheet. Continue reading


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Hey guys! So I’m thinking of starting a vlog channel on YouTube to go alongside this blog as well. It’s gonna be hosted by me and my roommate and I will have a couple guests on (friends, acquaintances, etc), every 2 weeks or so.

We’re mainly gonna be talking about mental health issues, LGBTQIA+ issues, and general philosophy type stuff. I want it to be super conversational, just us chilling on a sofa, doing free talk, kinda thing.

At some point I wanna do an interview type video where I’ll be interviewing my boyfriend (who does not suffer from any mental illnesses), about his experience and challenges he faces about being with me (someone who does suffer from multiple mental illnesses). I would also like others to join in on this. So if you are close with someone who suffers from depression/anxiety/any other mental illness, or you ARE someone who suffers with one or a few of these, please contact me if you don’t mind being on the vlog itself, or you can even send me an email talking about your experience (as having one of these disorders, or as being close to someone who does).

We’ll be sharing these of course, and it’s up to you if you want to be completely anonymous.

If you, as someone who is mentally ill, have any tips for others on how to get through it, or any tips on how to be comforting for those who don’t know what it’s like, please feel free to send me a message!


Some people just aren’t going to have success stories, get over it.

I’m sure you’ve heard mental illness success stories. I mean, who hasn’t? Someone overcame severe depression, wrote an account of it, and we’re all here feeling happy for them, right? Someone speaks out on how terrible anxiety is, and we all feel sympathetic towards them, right? And that’s all well and good, but I wanna talk about something else today. I wanna talk about the people still struggling through their illnesses. The people like me and so many others who have to hear things like,

“You’ll get over it! I was reading about this woman who struggled for years but she’s fine now!”

“Why don’t you try this medication I’ve heard of? It worked for this guy I know!”

“You should get out more and meet people, or even meditate or exercise! I’ve heard that works.”

“You shouldn’t be on medication; you need to do cognitive therapy. That’s way better.”

Listen folks, none of these things are tried and true. None of these ‘solutions’ are guaranteed to work for every single person dealing with mental illness. And please don’t push someone else’s success story in my face.

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Let’s talk about Mental Illness in Trinidad and Tobago

Something happened to me recently. I got angry. I followed the news. I listened to the Minister of Education speak. I did some research on mental health. I posted some questions on social media about primary and secondary school education. I got very angry.
Let me tell you a little about me. I am 25 years old. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for over 15 years. When I was younger, there was no one I could go to or confide in. When I finally moved out of my parents’ house at 21 years old, I started going to therapy and was diagnosed with 4 mental illnesses. I started medication and cognitive behavioural therapy.
I wish someone had told me as a child, that what I was feeling was okay and that I was not alone. I wish someone had spoken to me about depression and abuse. I wish someone had openly talked to me about self harm. I wish I could be the one to jump into a time machine and go back to little Julie and take care of her. But alas, I cannot. What I can do, however, is make sure no other kids and teens have to suffer in silence like I did for so long.

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You know, I truly believe this is a beautiful country I live in. I really do appreciate how lovely our flora and fauna is. We have beautiful beaches, forests, waterfalls, rivers, and other wonderful natural sights. I wish I could say that that’s enough to make me love this place. What ruins it for me, is the people. The government, the entire society, and what has become the modern culture.  Rampant murder, corruption, sexism, racism, homophobia, stigma and discrimination of mental health and its related issues, (to name a few things). I’m not saying that every other country is perfect. I’m just saying there’s nothing to be patriotic about. I wish I could enjoy our beaches and waterfalls, but everything is always covered in disgusting litter. I wish the citizens would help each other, but the segregation is ridiculous. Continue reading

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On content and collecting

We live in an age of hoarders. We all collect things; whether it’s thoughts, pictures, memes, or whatever else. It might not be tangible, and it might not be useful, but here we are making Pinterest boards and Facebook albums and new Tumblr side blogs for our obsessions. We just need spaces to pool together everything we like.
Why is it that we are so involved in piecing together little things that fit into a certain idea we have? Are we really going to attempt half of those recipes we pin? Or remember any of those ‘self help’ quotes we reblog? Is it just a constant need for content?
Because I can understand that. As a chronic content-hunter, I understand. I am very familiar with flipping between the same 3 apps, refreshing them over and over, just waiting for someone to post something new. Why do I care so much? I just need to be stimulated. Constantly. All the time.

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