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End of 1st work week recap

So here I am, fresh out of my first week back to work after about 8 months, and let me just say;

I ‘ m  e x h a u s t e d .

I definitely knew there was going to be an adjustment period, after resuming work. Having to deal with that lovely commute everyday, eh not so fun. Having to be super active again, I can live with. Being out in public often and getting street harassed by every man who walks past, I can barely deal with. This hot sun every day, I feel like I’m about to die.

So far:

  • I like the job itself.
  • My coworkers are tolerable.
  • My boss is okay.
  • I’ve had a migraine for 3 days straight.
  • There’s a gym nearby that I might join.
  • There’s no strict dress code: HALLELUJAH.
  • I’ve been working there for a week but it feels more like a month because of how well I know the business already.

Let’s see how this goes!