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Tell me the passwords of your mind.
I need to read your thoughts myself.
I do not trust your words.
Your lips are the greatest liars
I have ever encountered.

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On weddings and tradition

“You can’t date till you’re an adult! No boyfriends allowed!”

*sneaks around*

“You can’t do that in my house! Not under my roof!”

*“Okay, well I’m 21 now, I wanna get my own place!”*

“Move out?? Why do you want to leave??? Do you hate me????”

*finally leaves home at 24 after finishing school, etc*

“You’re 25. Why aren’t you married yet??? When will I get grandkids?”

Do these scenarios sound familiar? If it’s something you’ve experienced, I empathize. I am Indian. From the Caribbean. Specifically, I’m West Indian with East Indian roots. These are my parents. Overprotective, overbearing, strict, traditional, conservative. I have a question for them that I could never ask them. “If I literally just started dating because I was raised so strict, how am I supposed to get married now and have kids?” Now that’s considered being rude. But honestly, what do you expect from me?
Now, this isn’t exactly my situation, and it might only be an exaggerated version of most Caribbean young adults’ actual life and relationship with parents. But why is it someone can look at this and laugh along? What is with parent’s strictness, then overbearing expectations on their children, especially their daughters?

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Is blood thicker than water?

We’ve all heard this proverb. And if you look it up, I’m pretty sure you’ll see it’s described as something along the lines of “family relationships are stronger and more important than friendships.”
But did you know that’s completely opposite to how it was originally intended? The original phrase was “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb” and it meant that blood shed by soldiers on the battlefield are stronger bonds than simple genetics. Continue reading


On being a toxic person

Too often I have scrolled through my Facebook or Instagram feed and have seen a multitude of posts surrounding the concept of toxic people. Specifically, on staying away from toxic people and protecting your peace. But what if you are the toxic person this post is speaking about? Why do we believe that everyone else can be toxic, but not ourselves? It is very common to both want to protect yourself from other people’s toxicity, while simultaneously being a toxic person yourself.
Are you offended by this? Do you find yourself thinking “oh no, not me. I am definitely not a toxic person.”?

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