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In suffocating silence

In Suffocating Silence pic

“In suffocating silence
That clogs the pathways
Of my thoughts and memories
The undulating overtones
Of your voice pierces
Through my brain
And causes new ideas
To form and demand
Space for lodging
Amongst you, its roommate

In suffocating silence
You fill the broken
Alleyways and footpaths
Like a thick and sultry
Mist of sorts
Running behind my eyelids
On carriages pulled
By the heartbeats of stars
In a Golden Age, you’d be a Pericles
General of my mind

In suffocating silence
I recognize all at once
What exactly you mean
To my sanity but
Slowly and more slowly
You drift from my grasp
Leaving me hopeless
And restless and
Breathless, without a trace
Of reality in my bones”

Copyright © TheIslandAlien 2011

I found this poem that I wrote on the 06/10/2011. I do not recall who inspired it. Just sharing with you all.